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Between Head and Heart

Duration: 1:05

Themes Discussed:

Conflict Fulfillment

Tags: military, spokane tribe, native american reservation, evaluating, feeling good

Bob Brisbois

Tribe Council Secretary
Spokane Tribe

  • Between Head and Heart (1:05)
    Bob Brisbois
    Tribe Council Secretary
    Spokane Tribe
  • The Privilege of Freedom (1:04)
    Gillian Caldwell
    Human Rights Program Witness
  • Working With Partners (0:35)
    Mason Gordon
  • Action Sports Industry (1:05)
    Richard Woolcott
  • My Own Framework (1:54)
    Paolo Davanzo
    Founder/Executive Director
    Echo Park Film Center
  • My Own Framework (1:54)
    Lisa Marr
    Operations Director/Youth Film Coordinator
    Echo Park Film Center
  • Losing Innocence (1:02)
    William Allen Young
    Actor and Humanitarian
    The Young Center
  • Riding In Circles (1:00)
    Pernell Bush
    President / CEO
    No Limit Health and Education
  • Reacting to Failure (1:21)
    Sabry Tozin
    Director of Enterprise Applications
  • Nothing was the Same (0:53)
    Daniel Rodriguez
    Author / Former NFL Player
    Rise: A Soldier, a Dream, and a Promise Kept
  • Starting My Own Nonprofit (1:23)
    Michael Spalding
    Equal Chance for Education

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