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Massive Confidence Issues

Duration: 0:44

Themes Discussed:

Confidence Desire Hard Work

Tags: decisions, performing

Cliff Antone

Antone's and Antone's Records

  • Massive Confidence Issues (0:44)
    Cliff Antone
    Antone's and Antone's Records
  • Truly Be Yourself (0:42)
    Jake Shimabukuro
    Ukulele Musician/Spokesperson
  • Believe In Who You Are (0:49)
    Malcolm McDowell
  • Be Happy With Who You Are (2:01)
    The Knux
    Hip Hop Artists
    The Knux
  • Changing People Through Laughter (2:14)
    Ian Harvie
    Stand-Up Comic
  • Come to the Edge (1:53)
    Ian Harvie
    Stand-Up Comic
  • Passion (0:54)
    Andrea Weatherhead
    Weatherhead Experience Design
  • Self Confidence (0:30)
    Ann Powers
    Rock Journalist/Senior Curator
    Experience Music Project
  • You Create Yourself Everyday (0:34)
    Bonnie Kennedy
    Chief Science Officer
    Blue Marble Game Company
  • Not Fitting The Mold (1:21)
    Amie Tornincasa
    Senior Technical Program Manager
  • Being Yourself (0:58)
    Evin Robinson
    New York On Tech
  • Having Papers Doesn't Define Me (1:18)
    Julissa Arce
    Activist / Author
    My (Underground) American Dream

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