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To Be Somebody

Duration: 0:27

Themes Discussed:

Confidence Individualism

Tags: unique, distinguish

Bev Kearney

Track and Field Coach
UT Austin

  • To Be Somebody (0:27)
    Bev Kearney
    Track and Field Coach
    UT Austin
  • Artists Support Group (1:08)
    David Banks
    Filmmaker / Photojournalist
  • Will, Passion and Self-Belief (0:15)
    Howard Schultz
    Chairman and CEO
  • Distinctive Individuals (0:31)
    Michael Jager
    Founder/Creative Director
    Jager Dipaola Kemp
  • We Struggled (0:41)
    Richard Woolcott
  • Listen To The Inner Voice (1:01)
    Scott MacEachern
    General Manager
    Nike Livestrong
  • Stop Comparing Myself (1:01)
    Sonja DeVries
    Gay Cuba
  • There Is No Rule Book (0:19)
    Todd Sotkiewicz
    Lonely Planet Americas
  • Changing People Through Laughter (2:14)
    Ian Harvie
    Stand-Up Comic
  • First Poetry Reading (1:13)
    Staceyann Chin
    Poet & Activist
  • Reverse Psychology (0:45)
    Jake Bryer
    Co-Founder and Artist
    Austin Art Garage
  • You Are Uncommon (1:31)
    William Allen Young
    Actor and Humanitarian
    The Young Center

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