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Combining Hobby and Passion

Duration: 2:04

Themes Discussed:

Community Hobbies & Pastimes

Tags: Philanthropy, training, work ethic, athletics, run across the country

Dave McGillivray

Race Director
Boston Marathon

  • Combining Hobby and Passion (2:04)
    Dave McGillivray
    Race Director
    Boston Marathon
  • Growing Up Poor (0:27)
    Jerry Colangelo
    Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns
  • Infectious Habititus (0:25)
    Jim Pate
    Executive Director
    Habitat For Humanity
  • Ask Advice (0:57)
    John Richards
    Radio DJ
    KEXP, Seattle, WA
  • Disillusionment By Bits (3:13)
    Kalle Lasn
    Adbusters Magazine
  • Surrounded By Great People (0:16)
    Lee Walthall
    Delta Of Venus Cafe
  • Social Contract (1:31)
    Raul Ruiz
    Emergency Physician
    Eisenhower Medical Center
  • Someone Like You (2:21)
    Lydia Villa-Komaroff
    Molecular Biologist & Chief Scientific Officer
  • Want To Help (2:31)
    Erin Teague
    Project Manager
  • Turning The School Around (1:56)
    Christine Borelli
    Memphis Street Academy Charter School
  • Contentment (1:11)
    David Stovall
    Associate Professor
    University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Food is Most Important (0:55)
    Will Allen
    Growing Power

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