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Artists Support Group

Duration: 1:08

Themes Discussed:

Confidence Community

Tags: self critical, doing it for yourself, insecurities

David Banks

Filmmaker / Photojournalist

  • Artists Support Group (1:08)
    David Banks
    Filmmaker / Photojournalist
  • People Rebuilding (1:03)
    Jim Pate
    Executive Director
    Habitat For Humanity
  • Ask Advice (0:57)
    John Richards
    Radio DJ
    KEXP, Seattle, WA
  • The Beginning of the Future (2:12)
    John Perry Barlow
    Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
  • I Want To Realize My Dream (0:35)
    Rosemarie Certo
    Dock Street Brewing Co.
  • Social Contract (1:31)
    Raul Ruiz
    Emergency Physician
    Eisenhower Medical Center
  • Want To Help (2:31)
    Erin Teague
    Project Manager
  • Contentment (1:11)
    David Stovall
    Associate Professor
    University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Helping The Community (1:17)
    Will Allen
    Growing Power
  • Owning Who You Are (1:26)
    Vienna Mbagaya
    Invisible Neighbors
  • Children of Compton (1:05)
    Jacqueline Sanderlin
    School Principal
    Foster Elementary School
  • The Family Doctor (0:23)
    Anthony Atala
    Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

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