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Open About The Future

Duration: 0:36

Themes Discussed:

Choices Doubt Individualism

Tags: future, unique, trust yourself

Ana Hortillosa

Event Coordinator
Asian Art Museum

  • Open About The Future (0:36)
    Ana Hortillosa
    Event Coordinator
    Asian Art Museum
  • So Many Things To Do (1:26)
    Andrew Lins
    Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Difficult Choices (0:41)
    Frederick Gregory
    Deputy Administrator
  • To Try To Change The World (1:51)
    Gillian Caldwell
    Human Rights Program Witness
  • Why Not Try It? (1:38)
    Pat Schroeder
    Former Congresswoman/CEO
    Association of American Publishers
  • No Decision Is Absolute (1:37)
    Rex Grignon
    Head of Character Animation
  • Path Is Undefined (0:41)
    Sylvia Mathews
    Executive Director
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Getting a New View (1:28)
    Todd Sotkiewicz
    Lonely Planet Americas
  • A Good Dead End Job (1:06)
    Wanda Sykes
  • Couldn't Pick One Thing (1:57)
    Mariette DiChristina
    Editor in Chief
    Scientific American
  • It Gets Really Interesting (1:10)
    Kelly Whitaker
    Senior Research Engineer
  • Always Had An Interest In My Surroundings (2:02)
    Robyn Francis
    Senior Scientist
    Bayer Materialscience

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