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Self Education

Duration: 1:34

Themes Discussed:

Character Determination Education Struggle

Tags: immediate gratification, dyslexia, 8mm camera, college textbooks

David Banks

Filmmaker / Photojournalist

  • Self Education (1:34)
    David Banks
    Filmmaker / Photojournalist
  • Let The Chips Fall (0:23)
    Kinky Friedman
  • Leadership Class (1:18)
    Alejandra Ceja
    Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics
    US Dept of Education
  • Discover Who You Really Are (0:31)
    William Allen Young
    Actor and Humanitarian
    The Young Center
  • Called to Help People (1:02)
    Travis Simons
    The Potter's House North Dallas
  • Finding Myself (1:47)
    Robert Florio
    Special Education Teacher
    High Tech Early College
  • Creativity (1:01)
    Mark Foster
    Heroin Skateboards
  • I Am Me (0:46)
    Kary Mullis
    Nobel Prize Winning Chemist
  • Life of Simplicity (0:49)
    Homaro Cantu
    Moto Restaurant
  • First Guitar (0:50)
    Louie Perez
    Los Lobos
  • More Than Obvious (0:50)
    Luis Padilla
    Director of Animal Health
    St. Louis Zoo
  • Preparation (0:45)
    Margarita Barry
    71 Pop

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