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Philosophy, Art, Anthropology, Theater

Duration: 0:54

Themes Discussed:

Chance Instincts

Tags: UC Berkeley, unplanned, combining interests

Ana Hortillosa

Event Coordinator
Asian Art Museum

  • Philosophy, Art, Anthropology, Theater (0:54)
    Ana Hortillosa
    Event Coordinator
    Asian Art Museum
  • In It For The Blues (2:00)
    Cliff Antone
    Antone's and Antone's Records
  • Don't Stress Things (0:32)
    David Provost
    Bacchus Caves
  • Happenstance of Fate (2:15)
    Dean Kamen
    DEKA Research
  • Out Of The Blue (1:10)
    Gary Rydstrom
    Sound Director
    Skywalker Sound
  • It Hit Me (1:06)
    Lee Walthall
    Delta Of Venus Cafe
  • Nerdy Geekish Obnoxious Kid (1:17)
    Peter Travers
    Film Critic
    Rolling Stone Magazine
  • Luck, Talent, Hard Work (1:11)
    Walter Murch
    Film Editor / Sound Designer
    Apocalypse Now, Ghost, Julia, House of Cards
  • Summer Internship (1:12)
    William Albert Allard
    Staff Photographer
    National Geographic
  • Writing Grateful Dead Songs (0:47)
    John Perry Barlow
    Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
  • Always Say Yes (1:33)
    Lynda Weinman
  • All Or Nothing (1:05)
    Christian Jacobs
    Co-Creator, Director & Writer/Lead Singer
    Yo Gabba Gabba!/The Aquabats

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