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In It For The Blues

Duration: 2:00

Themes Discussed:

Chance Confidence Desire Hard Work

Tags: Louisiana, music, texas, diversity, blues, genuine

Cliff Antone

Antone's and Antone's Records

  • In It For The Blues (2:00)
    Cliff Antone
    Antone's and Antone's Records
  • Law School (1:02)
    Pat Schroeder
    Former Congresswoman/CEO
    Association of American Publishers
  • Luck and Timing (0:35)
    Paul Goble
    Senior Associate
    Carnegie Endowment For International Peace
  • Feels Great (0:44)
    Reed Hastings
  • Luck, Talent, Hard Work (1:11)
    Walter Murch
    Film Editor / Sound Designer
    Apocalypse Now, Ghost, Julia, House of Cards
  • He Showed Me How To Use His Camera (0:34)
    Jimmy Chin
  • Writing Grateful Dead Songs (0:47)
    John Perry Barlow
    Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
  • Life Like A Mosaic (1:23)
    Paul Salopek
    Foreign Correspondent & Journalist
  • Worried About Trying (2:26)
    Adam Steltzner
    NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • You Can Always Change (0:30)
    Mary Egan
    Gathered Table
  • Getting Involved (1:37)
    Robert Torres
    Senior Program Officer
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Do What Gets You Excited (1:08)
    Matt Carroll
    Research Scientist
    MIT Media Lab

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