The Manifesto Explained

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The Manifesto Explained

We wrote this Manifesto after we returned from our very first Roadtrip in 2001. After interviewing over 80 Leaders from all walks of life, the Manifesto became our reflection of how those people discovered their paths. We were feeling Noise and pressure around us to conform, and hearing their stories gave us the strength to forge paths of our own. Since that first Roadtrip, Roadtrip Nation has grown into a movement; however, we've retained this Manifesto as a core piece of our efforts in order to ensure that we stay true to the original principles that started us on this journey. Over the years, the Manifesto has been misinterpreted from time to time, so it may be easiest to clarify what the Manifesto is NOT trying to say:

We're not telling people that it's bad to be a lawyer, doctor, accountant, or consultant. At the time we wrote this, it felt like those were the professions that most people tried to pressure us to join. If you're truly passionate about becoming a doctor, become a doctor - you can make an important contribution to the world. The same goes with accountants, lawyers, and consultants; the world needs people to fill all of these different roles, and if you're passionate about those paths, no Noise, including this Manifesto, should tell you differently.

It's up to you to define your road in life based on what you're truly passionate about. By discovering that sincere path, you'll end up contributing to the world in your own distinct way. Imagine the collective impact of an entire generation discovering their own roads and using their lives to build more efficient vehicles, cure cancer, or teach elementary school kids how to learn in a fresh, new way. When we discover our own paths, we're not the only beneficiaries; the world is waiting for us to manifest ourselves and needs us to rise up to that challenge.

Everyone should have their own Manifesto that reflects their own ideals and where they want to go with their lives. We hope that ours provides some inspiration for your journey and encourages you to set out on your road.

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