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Working at Roadtrip Nation

Being a part of the Roadtrip Nation Movement from the inside is an incredible opportunity to cultivate your talents and passions with a team of remarkable individuals. Working here is a truly unique experience because the motivation behind every employee stems not from the desire to be noticed or promoted by a boss, nor the potential to make a lot of money for yourself, but because you wholeheartedly believe in what you are working for.

While everyone at Roadtrip Nation has official job titles, we all tend to wear a multitude of hats to fulfill our mission and spread the Movement, meaning no two days are alike, and any task that needs to get done is yours for the doing. Learning new things and discovering new abilities takes place in the office as much as on the road.

If the notion of working for a company that desires to inspire and actively asks for your opinion on matters as large as how to continue to evolve the Movement and as small as the best way to recycle our recyclables, send us an email at

Current Opportunities

Roadtrip Nation Student Rep (Costa Mesa) Status: Open

Posted on: August 27, 2014


Roadtrip Nation is looking for Student Reps (or as we like to call them, "Roadies") to hit the road with us this fall and travel the country on a high school tour that will spread the Roadtrip Nation message to students far and wide.

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Meet the Staff

Kristen Vedder

Education Project Manager


Alyssa Frank



Sera Smith

Post-Production Intern

Kevin Strickland

Assistant Editor

Molly Stelovich

Office Manager

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